Cash Flow Management; Simply, made easy

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Cash Flow Management; Simply, made easy (Zentaflow)

Zentaflow is a program designed to simply log on to know your future cash flow at a glance.

“Forecasts and budgets are already old news by the time its completed ” – so how about it being instant! 

I have experienced many a business and individuals struggling to forecast their cash flow with ease and without first having to update the past. So I asked the question; what if you had an application where all you had to do was to enter what monies you have today and record your commitments on the go – you know what they are ay!


How does this work? – I hear you ask.

  1. Simply key in Today’s bank balance(s)
  2. Check your Graph showing day by day balance – Your cash available!
  3. Check you weekly Cash surplus or demand in cash flow table
  4. Query each money in/out by each category by a simple tap.
  5. Check your future bank balance(s)
    1. Update/modify/add/delete quick and easy as required
    2. Analyses / audit as you desire.
  6. Smile and enjoy a 20/20 vision of the future